Saturday, December 11, 2021

Hooga Shopping Haul

At this moment, Hooga is my favourite store whenever I’m looking for something to refresh the home decorations or purchasing gifts for friends. Not only the store has a variety of options, the price is reasonable and product quality is also good. 

Before I show you my purchase, let me give you a pictorial tour of the shop. I'm not sure if photography is allowed, but my intention is to help them with some promotion because I genuinely love their products and I want to share this. 

I always love their centerpiece at the entrance:

The decorative plant's section is always attractive. I like the way they curate the place with the sound of nature and birds chirping, I always feel relaxed here.

Another place that always draws my attention is the bathroom corner.

The section that I can't stop adding into the cart is the kitchenware #AuntyLife

The rest of the decorative stuff areas

And finally, here are some of the stuff I've procured from Hooga recently.

Couch cushion & Blanket throws

They have so many options to create a colour-blocking style. I wanted the faux rabbit fur throws but the colour didn't match.


Although I already lots of cutleries, I couldn't resist to get some gold ones for flat lay decor. 


I really love the terracotta plates and the irregular base.

Champagne glass & Carafe

I love the iridescent effects on the champagne glass and the carafe complements it. I wish they have the wine glass and martini glass as well to complete the set. I'm not sure if they did have it before this because it seems like not much stock left. My assumption is this is probably the old range. 


I was looking for a cute doormat that can trap sands. The usual ones that we can find only come in a single colour rectangle shape form. This is something special.


Basic bolster that is not-so-basic. It's filled with down feather and temperature adjusted. 

There are some of the stuff on my shopping list from Hooga. But I'm waiting for the new year to see if they have a fresher style coming soon. 


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